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Why SVP?

We have stood in the shoes of technical leaders, business professionals, and product experts, overseeing development work, while simultaneously rolling out innovative software and engineering process improvements. We have encountered and overcome countless obstacles that inhibited product delivery. We are hands-on, results-driven, outcome-oriented and offer an unbiased perspective, coupled with pragmatic solutions and cost-effective options, that align with your organization. Our team will only present strategies and plans that fit within your budget.
We have the technical expertise and business savvy, to make the ramp-up seamless and expeditious. Hiring a Fortune 500 consulting firms that require armies of people, months of discovery and unattainable plans does not make sense when you can hire SVP and use the additional savings towards your software development improvements.

Our Approach

Baseline – Review the processes, product(s), technologies, methodologies, tools, and team.

Diagnose - Root cause pain points, gaps, and inefficiencies inhibiting software velocity.

Prescribe – Provide strategic, tactical, cost-effective, pragmatic plans, including budgets and ROI across the board.

Treat – Implement or partner with respect to software development, agile methods, quality engineering, test automation, DevOps construction, Infrastructure configurations, tooling, training, coaching/mentoring, and onboarding plans.

Observe – Measure and make visible what matters for all levels of the organization. Provide Business and Data Analytics for course correction and further process improvements.

Who We Are

Over 60 years of combined industry experience, hands-on technical leadership, specializing in Software, Systems, Engineering Services, Quality Engineering, DevOps, and Agile Development at Fortune 500, SaaS, SMBs, early-stage, and start-up companies.

We began our careers as software developers, designing, writing, and improving Operating Systems. Our early Lean Six Sigma training in continuous improvement has made a major impact in our thinking and approach. We realized that the practice of continually improving, learning, and innovating would set us apart from other software development leaders.

We have both delivered dozens of software products to market, orchestrated multiple Agile transformations, spearheaded numerous Test/Quality implementations, and more recently constructed multiple cloud-based DevOps pipelines.  Our work has yielded transformative results, significantly improved time-to-market, prevented thousands of escapes, saved millions of dollars of wasted development expenses, delighted our customers and best of all, enhanced company culture.

Steve Halzel boasts an affinity towards progressive process improvements in Engineering / Core Services such as Quality Engineering, Test Automation, DevOps, Release and Program Management. He possesses technical depth in Infrastructure (Storage and Networking) Systems, Software & Microservices product development.Data Encryption, AI/ML methods, and

Claude Farmer is the perfect complement, as he drives organizational, cultural, procedural, and software development efficiencies. His technical depth and knowledge of APIs, Data Services software, Data Analytics, and Infrastructure microservices are imperatives in navigating today’s IT arena.

Our Team

A strong team with years of experience

Steve Halzel

Co-founder SVP

Claude Farmer

Co-founder SVP

“We will collaborate with your leaders and staff, to develop benchmarks, diagnose pain points, and prescribe solutions to overcome and eliminate your concerns.”

Claude Farmer, Co-founder SVP

Reach out to us at [email protected]. We are here to listen and serve you.