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Accelerating Software Development and Delivery

We are outcome-driven partners that specialize in accelerating and scaling software development, test automation, and DevOps delivery. 


Imagine if the only thing restricting your growth was the size of your customer base?

1. Architecture not designed to scale in capacity or performance

2. Never-ending software modifications

3. Inadequate or ineffective test automation & infrastructure

4. DevOps / Delivery not designed for simultaneous execution

Imagine hitting every software delivery date, every time?

1. Challenging cross-organization collaboration

2. Requirements to implementation process are too cumbersome

3. Software changes and enhancements take forever

4. Test velocity cannot keep up with development velocity

5. DevOps processes not fully automated

Imagine delivering defect-free code?

1.  No defensive coding methodology

2. No test-driven development or design for testability

3. Testing is an afterthought

4. Inconsistent test strategy across teams

5. Lack of negative testing or chaos engineering

Imagine spending all your budget on innovation vs. technical debt?

1. Emphasis on meeting deadlines over quality

2. Poorly designed or described code

3. Making any software change takes too long

4. Poorly designed end-to-end development process

Imagine not needing a Tech Support organization?

1. Code inadequately architected for reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS)

2. Failure to capture customer expectations and customer experience requirements during planning

3. Inadequate product testing prior to deployment

4. Product has too many defects, is not easy to consume, or does not meet SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Imagine if your software testing costs resulted in OpEx savings?

1. Detection of defects found very late in the development process

2. Time to root cause, analyze and make revisions

3. Lack of reusable test cases, test templates, or consistent test methods

4. Not having properly configured infrastructure including scale

What we do

We are experts at delivering software to market with uncompromising enterprise quality while improving company culture and delighting our customers. We are champions at implementing optimal, cost-effective software development strategies.

Our holistic approach, which includes best practices in test automation and DevOps enables companies to seamlessly integrate with their agile development methods on any cloud platform. In a nutshell, we are your SOFTWARE VELOCITY PARTNERS! 

“When you need your software delivered as fast as possible at the lowest cost and the highest quality, we’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we can do it for you!”

– Steve Halzel, Co-Founder SVP

Areas of Expertise

Software Engineering Capabilities and Process Assessment

SDLC | Value Stream Mapping | Methods, Best Practices & Implementations

Planning | Program | Project | Release Management | Cross Organizational Collaboration

Core Services Leadership | Management - R&D Processes, Methods, Tools and Systems

Quality Engineering | Test Strategies | Organizational Transformations | Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Test Engineering | Architecture & Design | Test Automation Frameworks | Test Environments | Test Data Management | Test Data Analytics | Test Tools | Methods, Best Practices & Implementations

DevOps | CI/CD | Continuous Test & Monitoring | Containers | Construction, Methods, & Best Practices

Infrastructure Automation | Microservices Strategies | Design & Implementations

Technical Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

You don’t have to imagine how it could be. We can make it happen with you. Give us a call.